University of Maryland: Business and Information technology society

Where Technology and Business Meet

Our organization dedicates itself to the idea that technology has emerged as a powerful, dynamic force amid today’s business environment; therefore, the ability to understand, utilize, and communicate business technology & data is paramount to the success of any business. We aim to bring students with interests in technology together, to expand their networks with professionals in the field and to learn about cutting edge technologies with real-life applications.

We offer a variety events ranging from career fairs, networking opportunities, to drone competitions. Stay updated on our Facebook, Twitter and mailing list to see what event we have coming up next!

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Executive board

Meet the Execuitve Board members for BITS!

Elana Katzen


Arsalaan Ali

Vice President

Kellie Zhang

Vice President

Shivani Krishnamurthy

Vice President of Marketing

Berna Yazici

Vice President of Membership

Amit Yavasani

Vice President of Technology

Abishek Suresh

SUSA Representative
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